Short Foundation Summary

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia. Haha Guess what, I'm going to make this blog as my personal blog, since xde sape yg nk post kt sini dh. Haha. Just want to write about myself. =) Okay, setelah setahun setengah mengharungi liku2 kehidupan di pelajar asasi di UIA(Org lain yg Matriks, asasi sume setahun je... sobss). One semester at Nilai,N9 and another 2 semester at Gombak. I've been through both happiness and difficulties. And now, tiba masa utk menunggu utk masuk Degree. Yeahh, at UIA lg. Jeles ohh yg pgi oversea tuh. Seriously sgt2 jeles. But, we need to be thankful, right? These one and a half year, i've choose to be someone different from what I always do. I joined society. Safwan dgn kak izzati rahim have been my boss during 1st semester. Heheh. I learnt to make proposals, managing events, meeting, planning, cari sponsor and all that stuff. Kind of a very busy life. Every semester aku ajak wher tlg aku but every semester dia tolak. Nk jd student biasa katanya. Okay, haha. Lupa nk mention zaleha. She is very helpful to me, being in one same society for 3 long semester. Ehh, dua society actually. Tp kdg2 tu gaduh jgk la dlm meeting kalau x sama pendapat. Haha But, with all this, I am really happy kalau korg ajak pgi mne2 mcm iftar aritu. Sorry aritu xdpt join paintball, xde transport and money. :) Since my life are very busy, I still cant manage my time between meeting and studying. Yeah, I learnt to collect some warning letter for not attending classes. Starts to skip quizzes and forgot to submit assignments. Tapi xsemua lah, mne yg mampu tu buatlah. Haha. And yeahh, at one point, tak tidur malam siapkn kerja sume. But maybe because I'm used to study last minute, ntah mcm mne lepas jugaklah dean's list tuh. Walaupun x sehebat Aini. HAHA. Yeahh, thats all. Nk bersiap pgi kerja at 8.30am. Hoho. Kerja kerani je, gaji x byk mana. Haha. So, that is my story. What is yours?